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Latest Invention: Smart Garbage Can from Simplehuman


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One of the inventions presented at CES is not a camera and has nothing to do with 3D or liquid crystals. It is a smart garbage can from Simplehuman that can respond to users' activity.

The can features a built-in sensor that detects when a person is nearby and causes the lid to open automatically. According to the company, the garbage can has "multi-sense" technology that can adapt to what a person is doing, which apparently makes the device unique.

The can's sensor starts off in Ready mode, having its trigger zone focused around the lid, thus the lid opens automatically only to people that really have to use the garbage can, without responding to everyone that walks by.

After the initial reach-in caused the opening of the lid, the garbage can activates the Task mode. The latter extends the trigger zone higher for a batter response to human activity. Reportedly, the garbage can in this mode does not close the lid until the user finishes dumping the garbage into it.

The Stay-Open mode is activated after 3 seconds of non-stop user activity. It turns on so one could have more time to change the garbage bag. In this mode the lid stays open and closes only after 30 seconds.

It would be interesting to note that the sensor has built-in carbon filters that are used to absorb bad odors.

The invention is powered by 6 C-cell batteries, which, according to the developer, can last for up to a year, reports Gizmag.

Check out the video below to see how the smart garbage can works.

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