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Latest Invention: Smart Slicer Makes Use of 3D Imaging to Produce Perfect Slices


Meet the 21st century slicer called the Libra 165C. The device is a fixed slicer that is mainly destined for pork.

Created by Nantsune, famous Japanese developer of meat slicers, the machine firstly scans the meat with the help of s displacement sensor to identify the 3D shape of the meat. The next step involves slicing the meat according to the collected information about the shape of the meat.

Due to the technology used in the machine, the Libra 165C is able to generate 6,000 slices per hour.

Meat can be of an irregular shape, which is why the device identifies its cross section in advance and then produces slices of the same weight, by changing the thickness of each slice.

This slicer is expected to be launched in late June. According to the developer the machine will be wearing a price tag of $160,000.

[via Gizmodo]

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