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Latest Invention: Smart Tyre that Can Adapt for All Weather Conditions


It is always tiresome to change car tyres according to the weather - in summer we can use ordinary tyres, in winter another type of tyres is required and when it's raining you need a third type.

According to a team of researchers at Leipzig university, this problem can be solved. They came up with the world's first-ever "smart" tyre that is able to automatically adapt itself to different weather conditions. The most interesting thing is that they can adapt even during driving.

The group, led by Detlef Riemer at the University of Applied Sciences in Leipzig, has already presented its "adaptive tyre" at the 2012 Hanover Fair, the biggest industrial fair in the world that opened this week.

The "adaptive tyre" incorporates electronic sensors that recognize different types of terrain, and whether it's dry, raining or snowing outside. Hence tyres' profiles are automatically raised or widened.

"That means your car is always equipped with the best possible tyre and noise and petrol consumption are automatically optimized, too," Riemer said.

So far the product is not ready for the launch onto the market, and more research is required. However, the team has already patented their innovation.

[via Physorg]

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