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Latest Invention: Smarter Socks - System that Offers Detailed Data on Your Socks


Samy Liechti of Blacksocks has come up with a system that will help your socks stay organized.

The "Smarter Socks" represents a detailed that tracks and records your socks' activity via RFID chip, a scanner and a smartphone application.

Using the RFID chip the system tags each sock and when a sock is scanned, the app shows the user a full history beginning with the individual ID number of each sock. Starting from that point the user is able to determine the number of time a sock has been scanned and washed.

In addition, the system helps you locate one of the socks in case you can't find it on your own. It can even inform you which sock is left and right.

A pack of ten Smarter Socks and a scanner will wear a price tag of US$189.

[via Blacksocks, via Ubergizmo]

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