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Latest Invention: SmartInversion - Lightweight Robot that Flies Using Self-Inversion


We have already mentioned about the German automation firm Festo and its flying robotic seagul. Another invention that the company managed to come up with is the beautiful helium-filled robot that can fly by turning itself inside-out.

The flying robot is called SmartInversion, and its moves resemble the moves of a jellyfish. It has a very lightweight body that allows helium to keep it in the air.

The invention measures 4.75 meters across and its weight is 2.334 kg. Swiss artist Paul Schatz is the person who designed the robot and came up with its unique shape that was developed by cutting up a cube into two star-shaped units, thus making an "invertible cube".

It is worth mentioning that SmartInversion was created from a framework of carbon fibre tubing. The machine draws power from servo motors and an ARM processor. The latter is powered by an 8.4V lithium polymer battery.

On a single charge the robot can fly for about 15 minutes and is remotely controlled with the help of an iPhone application.

Festo has been studying movement and propulsion, creating different innovative concepts. The company is greatly inspired by the natural world and how living creatures move in it. This was the main reason why it created the SmartInversion and a variety of other automated creatures.

[via Wired]

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