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Latest Invention: SmartPal VII - Robot that Works Autonomously Using Kinect


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Yaskawa Electric, the company that today holds the biggest share of the industrial robot market in the world, is currently working on the next-gen robot called SmartPal VII. The machine will be able to function remotely by making use of Kinect motion capture system.

During the demonstration of the robot, the developers wanted to show how a person from Tokyo can operate SmartPal VII to help clean up a house located in Fukuoka. The demo featured the robot's hand operated with the help of Kinect that picked up toys from the floor and storing them in a box.

According to the company the robot has many degrees of freedom. Researchers equipped their SmartPal VII with technology that allows users to utilize that freedom by simply moving their hands.

The current model has all the features of SmartPal V (announced back in 2007) improved, making its arms slimmer and more lightweight. The head of the robot is equipped with a stereo camera and an IR sensor. Its moving components are equipped with moving sensors. With all built-in technologies, the robot can recognize its surroundings more effectively, and move autonomously with a higher degree of precision.

So far the company has not decided the target market to which its robot will be addressed. However, it is possible that a lot of people would want a robot that could help them with everyday tasks.

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