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Latest Invention: Smartphone-Controlled LIFX LEDs that Change Color


LED lights are more widely used around the world due to their high level of energy efficiency - they can last for years and they boast better luminosity.

With this in mind the San Francisco-based LIFX Labs decided to come up with new LIFX ("life-ex") LED bulbs that a person can remotely control using their smartphone. In addition, these bulbs can charge color.

Each standard LIFX bulb has the same shape and size as a regular incandescent bulb, which means that it can be easily screwed into any fixture.

To be able to control the bulbs, the user firstly has to download an app. It is worth mentioning that LIFX LEDs can be controlled from both iOS- and Android-powered handsets. Controlling the lamps is done via Wi-Fi.

In standard setup, one of the LIFT bulbs will play the role of the "master". It will receive signals sent from the smartphone and pass them on to the "slave" bulbs. Bu the company says that each bulb can also be controlled independently.

By using the color wheel display on the handset, the user can set virtually any color on the bulbs. The application also allows users to automatically turn on and/or off at preset times, as well as dim or brighten the lights or set up notifications. You'll know when you have incoming emails when the lights start flashing. It is also possible to use the LIFT light bulbs during parties, as they LEDs can change color in sync with the music.

In case you don't have a smartphone with you, the lights can be easily controlled the usual way - via standard wall switches.

[via Kickstarter]

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