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Latest Invention: Smartphone-Engaged LED Ceiling Light with Built-in Speaker


NEC Lighting, a company owned by NEC Corporation, offers a wide range of lighting solutions and one of its latest inventions is a LED ceiling light equipped with built-in wireless speaker.

The most interesting thing about the ceiling light is that it can be controlled with the help of a smartphone running an Android application.

Using Bluetooth the light receives signal from the handset. Thus the user can control different aspects of the lighting, including brightness and color temperature. By synchronizing sound and light the user can create various effects.

The LED light system is attached in the middle of the ceiling, thus light and sound spread from the center of the room to the whole space.

The system demonstrated in the video has 3 preset modes. By selecting among Active, Natural, or Relaxed mode users are free to choose the light and sound that matches their mood.

Currently the company is working on the system and plans to launch it onto the market by the end of year. In the video the light has a wooden frame, but specialists at NEC are also working on other models, such as "ultra-modern acrylic panels, traditional Japanese designs, and simple globes."

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