Friday, 30 Oct, 2009 Technology

Latest Invention: Software That Automatically Repairs the System Affected by Malware


Together with his colleagues, Martin Rinar, who is currently a professor of computer science at MIT, managed to create new software called ClearView that is able to identify the intrusion of alien software and generate a set of patches meant to repair the operating system. The new invention detects the rule that was compromised and then generates patches that make the software to pursue the compromised rules.

Afterwards the software analyses all options in order to decide which of the chosen rules represents the most suitable patch. The team's new invention searches for particular types of errors, which are often caused by a malicious code introduced into the operating software.

A great advantage of the new invention is that it can be installed on several computers that run the same software. When it selects the most effective patch, the latter can be installed on all the other computers.

The team of researchers carried out a test of the software on a group of machines that run Firefox. A team of independent programmers launched an attack on Firefox, each using a different type of attack. ClearView managed to block the malicious codes of all attacks. It also shut down the program prior to the attack.

The new invention discarded the wrong corrections and generated patches that corrected all errors caused by malware. Just after 5 minutes of the first attack ClearView managed to create a working patch.

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