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Latest Invention: Solar Bikini - Charge Your Gadgets Lying on the Beach


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Andrew Schneider, a designer from New York, came up with a new eco-friendly device called the Solar Bikini.

According to Schneider the wearer can use the bikini to charge such portable gadgets as smartphones or media players while lying back on the beach under the summer sun.

It would be interesting to mention that the invention is already available for purchase, being equipped with 40 very thin and flexible photovoltaic cells, measuring 1 x 4-inch (25.4 x 101.6 mm) each and linked together with the help of a conductive thread the end of which there's a USB port. The cells were manufactured by PowerFilm Solar.

When the designer started thinking about a green product that could be presented at the Interactive Telecommunications Program at New York University, the designer realized that by using contemporary photovoltaic technology along with a Peltier junction, it would be technically possible to create bikini that could power various gadgets.

Due to the fact that no power is actually stored in the Solar Bikini, the wearer has the possibility to go for a swim. At the same time it is not recommended to charge the device while swimming. After the wearer is back from water, it is required to wait until the bikini is completely dry so it could work properly.

The garment's cost can vary depending on the design, but according to the designer the price will range between $500 and $1,500. The bikini can now be ordered from Solar Coterie.

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