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Latest Invention: Solar Helium Cargo Aircraft


Most of airships designed to make cargo shipping more efficient remain on the paper, but the company called SolarShip, decided to bring one of the futuristic designs to life.

Recently it carried out a test of its brand new solar helium flying vehicle. The plane represents a mix of airship and airplane and is equipped with solar panels mounted over its cockpit and landing gear. The solar panels harness energy from sunlight to power the plane's engine.

The company looks forward to building 3 sizes of its ship: small, called Caracal; mid-size, called Chui, which can carry cargo weighting up to 1,000kg at a distance of 1,000km; and large cargo airship called Nanuq. The latter will be able to carry up to 30 tons of payload.

According to Jay Godsall, the founder of SolarShip, the aircraft will be a perfect product for any industry that deals with logistical issues. Among its customers there could be organizations that ship various medical supplies to African nations that lack roads and/or groups that attempt to reach earthquake victims. In 2012 and 2013 the company plans to demo its blimp planes, reports TheStar.

In the video below it seems that the test was carried out on the Nanuq.

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