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Latest Invention: Solar-Powered Drinking Fountain


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A group of students at the California Lutheran University (CLU) managed to create a solar-powered water fountain.

It would be interesting to note that the landscape fountain looks like a waterwheel and was developed with the goal of satisfying thirsty students throughout the hot Californian days.

The solar-powered fountain was designed and fabricated by students from Robert Rumer's introduction to engineering class.

SolarWind USA, one of the biggest solar energy businesses, with headquarters in California, donated a 245-watt solar module for the eco-friendly project, reports .

In addition, the manufacturing process of the fountain involved the use of lights, 5-6 sewer pipes, and PVC pipes that are used to hold the solar panel.

Students build 6 different designs and the university selected one. It is worth mentioning that due to a rather low budget ($2000), students had to make several changes in the construction before coming up with the final version.

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