Monday, 14 Mar, 2011 Technology

Latest Invention: Solar-Powered See-through LCD TV from Samsung


One of the world's largest tech companies, Samsung, has recently unveiled its brand new solar-powered LCD television.

The 46-inch prototype TV can work without using the power grid.

It is worth mentioning that the Korean company presented its new device at CeBit in Germany.

The television features solar panels that generate electricity from the surrounding light.

The solar-powered TV uses a very small amount of energy, thus it requires no additional power sources.

One more interesting thing about the device is its thin see-through screen that can show pictures and data, while making the object behind it visible.

With such capabilities the invention can be used to manufacture other innovations. For example it can be used to create car windshield HUDs, storefront displays and even digital window blinds, reports Inhabitat.

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