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Latest Invention: Solar Sticker That Helps Batteries Harvest Solar Energy


It is true that batteries have become extremely popular over the last decade, especially during the era of portable devices. However, after being discharged, batteries are thrown away, littering the environment. Rechargeable batteries have become one of the alternatives, but the new invention of the industrial designer Jon West of Indakind Designs can make a rechargeable battery even more environmentally-friendly.

West decided to create something that would lower the carbon footprint of rechargeable batteries, which is why he created a Solar Sticker that transforms a rechargeable battery into one that harnesses solar energy, informs EcoFriend.

Currently his creation is a patent-pending design. It is worth mentioning that the new invention is based on flexible solar panels that one can easily wrap around virtually any rechargeable battery, thus making it collect energy from the sun. In order to make the new invention easier to use, the Solar Sticker features both anode and the cathode.

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