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Latest Invention: Solar Wall That Divides the Workplace and Harnesses Solar Energy to Power It


In order to refresh the conventional workplace, make it more contemporary and efficient, designer Jenny Redd decided come up with a new invention - a room divider that, besides providing more privacy, uses solar energy to power the workplace.

Jenny's new invention is called Solar Wall and it makes use of a new type of solar technology.

The glass of the room divider has built-in dye-sensitized solar cells printed on it. The freestanding construction has a honeycomb pattern.

Solar Wall gathers solar energy in its base that features power outlets. From there one can power other devices in the office.

One more advantage of the new invention is that it harnesses not only direct sunlight but indirect as well.

If the invention hits the market it could revolutionize today's offices, making the more self-sufficient.

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