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Latest Invention: Solidoodle 2 - Budget-Friendly Home 3D Printer


Sam Cervantes is a former aerospace engineer that has been working for a company called Makerbot for about a year.

As the chief operations for the Brooklyn-based company, which specializes in 3D printing technology, Cervantes has been developing a 3D printer called the Solidoodle.

Recently he unveiled his second-generation home 3D printer, the Solidoodle 2, which can be acquired fully-assembled for $500.

Just like most of 3D printers, this one creates three-dimensional objects based on computer files - it steadily deposits molten plastic on a special platform. By using different colors of filament plastic stock, it is possible to create objects of different colors.

The Solidoodle 2 can create objects measuring up to 6 x 6 x 6 inches (15.24 cm). It is worth mentioning that the steel-framed Base model can work with Windows, Mac, and Linux. It features everything that is required to start printing.

The more expensive Pro model, available for $549, has a heated build platform that prevents the bottom distortion of objects. It also boats an improved power supply and interior lighting. The $599 Expert model also has an outer cover and a front acrylic door.

Watch the video below to see the printer in action.


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