Monday, 21 Feb, 2011 Technology

Latest Invention: SonarLocID Keyboard - Device that Uses Sonar to Keep Data Safe


Key Source International (KSI), a company that focuses on the production of custom keyboards, recently presented its latest invention - a keyboard that logs a user out of a workstation after they physically leave the keyboard.

This technology ensures that one's data is protected. It could be used by healthcare providers, pharmacies, banks and government agencies.

Dubbed SonarLocID Keyboard, the device makes use of sonar to screen the presence of a user. After the logged in user leaves the workstation, the system will instantly log off the user. Afterwards the user has to introduce their password/username once again.

The logging in process can also be made with the help of a proximity badge, an ID reader or fingerprint reader incorporated into the keyboard.

Just like custom keyboard, this one is connected via USB. It can be configured using an included programming application. The latter makes it possible for the user to program custom keystrokes, set delays and a sequence to lock the computer when they leave the workstation. All of these settings are stored on the keyboard's flash memory and not on a server, reports Gizmag.

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