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Latest Invention: Sony HMZ-T2 - New Personal 3D Viewer Headset


At IFA 2012 the tech giant Sony has presented its latest version of the Personal 3D Viewer called HMZ-T2. The company made a number of improvements so that the device would be lighter and easier to use than its predecessor HMZ-T1, launched last year.

The new model is not only 20 percent lighter, but also has a sharper display and better sound. The previous model had a 0.7-inch OLED screen that sent images of a 1,280 x 720 resolution to each eye, but due to the fact that Sony made some display improvements, we might witness a higher resolution on the new gadget.

The twin OLED's generate 2D and 3D HD pictures with a 45-degree field of vision. This technology makes the viewer believe they're watching a 19 m (62.5 ft) movie screen located 20 meters (66 ft) away.

The personal 3D viewer can also be used by gamers, being equipped with a Clear mode that was developed for fast-action sequences. In addition, by lowering picture tone intensity from blue to red, the HMZ-T2 reduces eye fatigue.

The device also uses the "Virtualphones" technology to generate a 360-degree natural sound field that simulates a true 5.1 channel surround sound setup. The user has the option to use either wired or wireless headphones.

To make it easier for the user to adjust the device, Sony decide to somewhat change the design. So far there's no information on whether the gadget is going to hit the market and what price tag it's going to wear. The previous model was available for $800.

[via Gizmag]

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