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Latest Invention: Sony Wonderbook - Storybook Equipped with Augmented Reality


One of the most impressive things Sony presented at the E3 press conference refers to the non-gaming world. The company unveiled an augmented reality storybook that allows the reader to interact with their books using PlayStation Eye and PlayStation Move.

The invention is called "Wonderbook" and the Japanese tech giant has already chosen the first partner it intends to work with - J.K. Rowling, the author of the famous book series about Harry Potter.

The recent demonstration Sony carried out on the "Book of Spells" that is part of the writer's post-harry platform Pottermore. The company used a special book equipped with augmented reality markings.

With the help of PlayStation Move motion controllers, users have the possibility to control AR wands in order to perform different spells onto the virtual pages of the Wonderbook. Everything is displayed on the screen.

It would be interesting to note that Wonderbooks will be launched this fall.

[via Dvice]

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