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Latest Invention: SoundBite - Hearing System that Transmits Sound Through Teeth


If you like this invention you can vote for it here.Recently Sonitus Medical, a privately held medical device company, presented its latest invention called SoundBite, which is a hearing system that brings sound to the inner ear through the patient's teeth.

The new device includes a small unit that a person wears behind the ear (BTE). In addition, the system features an in-the-mouth (ITM) hearing gadget that can be fitted either the upper left or right back teeth. After catching the sound, the BTE unit conveys it to ITM gadget. The latter transmits small vibrations through the teeth almost synchronically to both cochleae.

The behind-the-ear unit has a microphone included in the canal of the ear. A small translucent tube links the device with the microphone. The digital signal processor incorporated in the BTE processes the sound, while the noise is filtered by a second microphone. As soon as the sound is processed, the signal is conveyed by a wireless chip to the in-the-mouth device.

The in-the-mouth device is powered by a flat rechargeable battery. It features a wireless receiver and a small actuator used to transform the wireless signals, coming from the BTE, into vibratory power. The vibratory energy then travels through the teeth and bones to the cochleae.

At the moment the company's latest invention is tested for the treatment of SSD. Sonitus Medical looks forward to use the system for other applications. More information is available here.

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