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Latest Invention: Speed Camera that Detects 5 Different Violations


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Researchers from the European Commission are working on a new speed camera that will be able to detect five different violations simultaneously.

The device, called Advanced Safety and Driver Support for Essential Road Transport (Asset) camera, can detect not only speed offences, but also spot drivers that did not fasten their seatbelts. Besides, the camera can monitor the distance between cars to detect tailgating.

It can capture license plates and verify against the relevant databases. This allows recognizing the vehicles that haven't been taxed or insured. All data collected by the GPS-enabled gadget are sent back to the central database.

Pictures that are over a month old along with images with no violation are deleted. The Asset camera is part of a GBP7 million project. According to the developers of the system, each camera costs about GBP50,000. It is worth mentioning that the camera was developed by a group of European universities and research institutions.

The current prototype is mounted on a trailer, but researchers hope they will be able to create a device that could fit into a police vehicle, reports TGDaily.

The trials of the new system are now carried out by the VTT Technical Research Centre in Finland. The tests will end next year and according to the developers the system will be launched onto the European market within 3 years.

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