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Latest Invention: Sphero - Ball Controlled via Smartphone


A lot of interesting products have been unveiled at this year's CES that took place in Las Vegas but the one that caught somewhat more attention was a ball developed by Orbotix, a firm based in Colorado.

The company's gadget, called Sphero, is anything but a usual call (obviously) - it is in fact a self-propelled rolling ball that one can remotely control using a special application for smartphones, both iOS and Android-running. To control the ball the handsets have to activate their Bluetooth feature.

The ball is made of see-through white polycarbonate shell and inside users will be able to observe a glowing LED light that can take one of a thousands of colors, depending on user's taste. The device can be charged if placed in an induction charger.

Apart from the standard touch-based directional controls that allow the user to move the ball forward, backward, left and right, the gadget features an on-screen "boost" button. This button gives the ball a burst of power so it could climb over various obstacles like carpet edges.

The company launched the Sphero together with several games, including Sphero Drive and Sphero Golf. In the near future Orbotic plans to launch a number of other games, some of which could involve augmented reality.

Watch the video below to see the ball in action.

[via GoSphero]

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