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Latest Invention: Starke Bicycles that Use Pedal-Power to Charge Portable Gadgets


Silverback, a German company that builds bicycles, has recently presented two of its brand new models dubbed Starke 1 and Starke 2. The interesting thing about these bikes is that both have a USB port powered by a dynamo hub, which allows the rider to charge their portable devices by pedaling.

The ports are mounted in the head tube of the frames. When the dynamo isn't used to charge the rider's cell phone or MP3 player it switches back to its initial task, i.e. to power the bike's lights.

The bicycles have their frame made of flow formed nickel alloy. In addition, they boast Shimano components like front and rear hydraulic disc brakes.

The weight of the first model is 12.5 kg (27.4 lb), while that of Starke 2 is 11.9 kg (26.1 lb). Starke 1 also features a built-in electric motor that offers electric pedal assist for 1.5 hours or 32 km (20 miles).

The German bicycle manufacturer will launch its Starke 1 in a combination of three colors: "Lime Fresh, Liberty Silver and Aston Black". The second model will be colored in Exotic Spice and Liquid White (red and white).

So far there has been no word on pricing.

[via Silverbacklab]

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