Wednesday, 03 Feb, 2010 Technology

Latest Invention: Stick-on Plastic Film Able to Make 9-feet Multitouch Surfaces


Displax, a Portuguese company, recently presented its latest invention - a stick-on see-through film with incorporated multitouch technology. The invention, called "multitouch skin" can make 9-foot displays and is about 100 microns thin.

One can easily stick the "skin" to any type of surface, be it glass or wood. The device can make a multitouch surface that measures a diagonal between 7 inches and 9 feet.

The screens developed by the Portuguese company feature a series of wires incorporated into the film. All of these wires are connected to a controller interface which is afterwards linked to a computer.

There's currently no information about the price of the company's latest invention. However, the plastic film is expected to be somewhat inexpensive, informs FastCompany.

It is worth mentioning that it can distinguish up to 16 simultaneous touches on a 50-inch screen, which is probably the most impressive feature of the multitouch skin.

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