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Latest Invention: Stretchable Skin for Health Monitoring


Scientists were able to develop stretchable skin with built-in microelectronics that can monitor one's health conditions.

The key component in creating sensing, stretchable skin is gold electrodes and several wires that are just hundred nanometers thick. The wires are placed in a serpentine way onto thin films of silicon wafers and then applied to the flexible polymers. Due to the fact that wires are place in a serpentine fashion, they can stretch with the artificial skin.

The role of wires is to act like sensors to collect data about a person's health instantly send it to the doctor. Thus different health issues can be prevented or treated before they appear or worsen.

One of the main goals is to develop patches that can wirelessly send information to smartphones.

MC10, a Cambridge, Massachusetts start up that is currently working on the commercialization of the stretchable skin.

It would be interesting to note that the lab prototypes of the skin were created by University of Illinois scientist John Rogers, who also happens to be the co-founder of the company.

[MC10, via Technology Review]

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