Monday, 18 Jun, 2012 Technology

Latest Invention: Suction Mat that Automatically Cleans Shoe Soles


Paionia Furyokuki has come up with a suction mat that is able to clean dirt from shoe soles. The only thing that the user has to do in order to clean the soles is stand on the mat.

Because the new mat suctions dirt, it always remains clean, thus the user does not have to worry about cleaning the mat.

It is worth mentioning that each mat measures 50 in width and is 1 meter long. In the video below you can see four fats used side by side.

The suction hose is hidden with the help of an orange stand. The whole system consists of mat, cleaner, the hose, front and back slopes and a special sensor that spots a person approaching the mat and activates the cleaner. No installation is necessary, the mat start working instantly after you put it on the floor.

The intention is currently available for 500,000 yen in Japan ($6,250). Buyers have the opportunity to select between 3 different shapes of the mat.

[via DigInfo]

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