Monday, 10 Sep, 2012 Technology

Latest Invention: Swumanoid - Robot that Could Serve as Lifeguard


A team of researchers at the Tokyo Institute of Technology have recently presented a robot that can replicate the motions of a human swimmer and in the future serve as a lifeguard patrolling the shores.

Together with his teammates, the lead researcher associate professor Motomu Nakashima called their creation Swumanoid. The robot can swim front crawl, reaching a speed of 0.64 meters per second, as well as backstroke and butterfly.

The machine's goal is to estimate water resistance and study how people swim. Information collected during studies could help improve a swimmer's technique.

To be able to build the body, researchers used a 3D scanner on an unknown Olympic athlete. Then they created a plastic model that can be modeled in virtually any size.

Currently researchers are dealing with such major issues as endurance, output and waterproofing of their invention. In the coming weeks, according to the researchers, these problems will be solved.

[via DailyMail]

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