Tuesday, 27 Sep, 2011 Technology

Latest Invention: SWYP Printer with Large Touchscreen Interface


Designers from Artefact design studio have presented their new concept printer dubbed See What You Print (or SWYP).

The device is easily operated with the help of touchscreen interface. Due to the combination of simple picture editing and instant printing, the gadget significantly increases the task of printing.

The touchscreen interface makes it possible for users to load a picture or document, edit it and print out. Everything the user sees on the screen is printed with high accuracy, because the display is calibrated to the printer.

To upload an image to the device the user can automatically connect their camera wirelessly. The unfolding paper tray of SWYP is wrapped in fabric and also plays the role of an on/off switch that can be operated by opening and closing the tray.

Designers, however, did not offer any information regarding the cost of ink cartridges. The latter are known to be rather pricey. So far the developers do not plan to launch the product onto the market, but in the near future this could be possible.

Watch the video below to see the SWYP in action:

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