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Latest Invention: System that Detects Emotions in Voice and Helps People Engage in More Calm Phone Conversation


A group of researchers at Spain's Universidad Carlos III de Madrid and Universidad de Granada is currently working on a computer system that will be able to identify the emotional state of a person speaking on the phone and change it in order to make a conversation with automated phone service more pleasing, or at least less stressful.

It is worth mentioning that the computer system examines 60 acoustic parameters of a person's voice, including the tone, speed of speech and how long pauses last during conversation. It then attempts to search for negative emotions that would signal about irritation, boredom or doubt.

Besides being able to draw conclusions based on the sounds of user's voice, but also based on the conversation itself and how it progresses.

By studying the information gathered from previous conversations, the system is also able to guess the point to which the conversations is heading and the actions that people involved in conversations are likely to take.

The system adapts the conversation accordingly as soon as it recognized the mood and intentions of a person. For example, in case a person sounded doubtful of the system, the later may offer them more help.

It would be interesting to note that the system has already been tested on human test subjects. During the trials, researchers managed to discover that the system helped people carry out more successful dialogs.

[via Universidad Carlos III de Madrid]

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