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Latest Invention: System that Performs Seamless Transmission of Data Between the Real and Virtual Worlds


Engineers at Fujitsu Laboratories managed to come up with a new-gen user interface able to can accurately identify the position of the user's finger and what it is touching, to generate an interactive touchscreen-resembling system, with the help of objects in the real word.

According to the company's representative the system doesn't involve the use of special hardware. Instead it includes a device that plays the role of an ordinary webcam, and a commercial projector. The results are obtained thanks to image processing technology.

Such technology allows the user to import any data from a document by simply selecting the needed parts with your finger.

In addition, the system can be used not only on flat surface, but a curved one as well, and this includes books.

It would be interesting to note that the system also features technology for managing color and brightness, together with the ambient light, and adjustment for individual differences in hand color. Thus the system is able to identify fingertips without fail, with very little influence from the surroundings.

The company believes that its latest invention can be used to provide detailed data at a travel agent's counter, or when the user has to fill in forms at City Hall.

The system's commercial version is expected to be launched by fiscal 2014.

[via DigInfo]

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