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Latest Invention: System that Allows Controlling UAV With Mind Power


A team of scientists at Zhejiang University in China managed to come up with a system that allows a person to control a quad-rotor UAV using nothing but the power of mind.

The system is called "Flying Buddy 2" and it makes use of a standard Electroencephalogram (EEG) headset that can be found in stores to control the unmanned aerial vehicle a.k.a. Parrot AR Drone.

Here's how it works: the computer is used to process information collected from the EEG and turn it into control commands. The latter are transmitted to the drone through a Wi-Fi connection.

In order to control the UAV with your mind one has to learn specific commands. For instance, if the user wants the drone to take off or land, they must think left hard; to rotate, the user must think left lightly. In addition, when the user blinks the drone takes pictures.

One of the goals of the mind-controlled drone research is to allow the disabled to interact with their surroundings. At the same time the system can be of great use in the consumer, transport, industry and defense sectors.

Check out the video below to see the system in action.

[via New Scientist]

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