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Latest Invention: System that Allows Manipulating Things in 3D Without Sensors


A team of researchers at Tsukuba University is currently working on a virtual building block system that functions by identifying user's hand and finger motions with the help of a camera. After recognizing the movements, the system outputs 3D shape data. The prototype has been recently unveiled.

Thus, based on the user's hand, arm, and finger movements, the system is able to manipulate the virtual building blocks. Initially researchers used just one camera, but then added one more to ensure that more minute gestures are identified.

One of the most interesting things about this system is that it does not require any markers of sensors attached to the hand of the user.

In order to achieve such result, the team uploaded a database with information about 3D hand shapes in advance. In addition, researchers provided 2D information on "how hands look." Thus the invention finds the 2D view that looks most like the quickly changing image from the camera, and, based on that information, outputs 3D data.

With this system it would be possible to remotely control a robot. The latter can be operated by simply placing the camera about where the hand is most visible. An additional camera will also help as long as it is located perpendicular to the first camera.

The goal of the research group is to develop a system that would help users control PCs in 3D with hand gestures. Researchers want user not only to watch 3D content, but also be able to manipulate it. Thus one could open and delete files, expand and reduce things.

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