Monday, 22 Feb, 2010 Technology

Latest Invention: System that Automatically Films Sports Games


If you like this invention you can vote for it here.A team of scientists from the Catholic University of Louvain (UCL), in Belgium, headed by Christophe De Vleeschouwer, came up with software that automatically films sports games. With their latest invention there will be no need for a camera crew, which would allow broadcasters to cover the games more economically.

The software is called the Autonomous Production of Images based on Distributed and Intelligent Sensing (APIDIS). It is worth mentioning that the system collects the video stream from several video cameras.

The software allows cameras to track both the ball and the players simultaneously, estimating which camera captures a more detailed picture, reports New Scientist.

One interesting thing about this invention is that it can be adjusted according to viewers' demands. For instance, the APIDIS can track certain players. The system has already been tested on a number of basketball matches. Scientists decided to choose basketball due to the game's fast pace. According to De Vleeschouwer, the APIDIS caught the attention of US sport broadcaster ESPN.

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