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Latest Invention: System that Helps Elderly Take Necessary Medicines on Time


One of the problems that the elderly face is taking pills on time. This was the main reason behind the new invention called Medicine Management System for the Elderly, developed by designers Ying-Chien Lin, Yue-Hua Li and Wei-Yin Su.

The new invention features a touch screen that considerably simplifies the whole process of managing medicines. The name of medicines along with information about them can be obtained by simply scanning the bar code of each drug.

The elderly are informed about the necessity to take pills via voice and vibration. There is no need to visit the doctors since they can send the information regarding the treatment to the electronic pill box. The latter saves information related to personal health and medicine and offers the necessary data for emergency.

Patients can take the device out and use it wherever they are, being able to connect to HIS in order to access data on medical treatment. Although it is currently a concept, this new invention can prove to be very helpful in everyday life.

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