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Latest Invention: System that Secretly Scans Your Fingerprints from 20 Feet


AIRprint scanner from IDair is a device able to take pictures of a person's fingerprints from 20 feet away. This can be performed even without the person being aware they're being scanned.

The device makes use of small 1.3 megapixel cameras and flash of polarized light to take the necessary image. One of the cameras is used to identify horizontally polarized light (a type of light that has its waves oscillating in a plane), while the other to detect vertically polarized light.

Because the patterns on your fingerprints reveal the different polarizations with different intensities, the two tiny cameras are able to compare notes and make use of an algorithm to derive a precise map of your fingerprints.

Everything is performed very quickly, with the system being able to scan five fingers on hand in just a tenth of a second, and produce accurate fingerprints in less than 1 second.

The system could be used in stores, for example. A person, thus, will not have to carry around their credit card or checkbook, with just one wave of a hand and the system will identify and then the user will pay for the stuff they acquired.

Obviously, the main application of the system would be secretly identifying people from a distance.

[via IDair]

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