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Latest Invention: System that Turns Real Hand Movements into Virtual


If you like this invention you can vote for it here.The latest invention of Robert Wang, MIT grad student, is a system that requires a Webcam and a pair of rather weird colorful gloves to turn real hand motions into a 3D image.

However, the main feature of the whole technology is the Sixth Sense system developed at MIT by Wang and his faculty advisor Jovan Popovict. It is worth mentioning that this system relies on colorful pieces of tape that are attached to a person's fingertips.

The two researchers mentioned that a technology like the Sixth Sense is in fact only 2D. "You're only getting the fingertips; you don't even know which fingertip [the tape] is corresponding to."

Wang's system is able to translate all of the hand's motions into a 3D image, making it possible for users to manipulate objects in the virtual world like they would in real life.

A computer is able to distinguish the 3D shape of the hand thanks to the colorful pattern on the gloves. After the Webcam took the picture of the gloves, the software analyzes the color patterns and then instantly compares them to a special database of hand gestures. Right after a match is found, the system creates a virtual three dimension model of the hand.

According to Wang, his latest invention could be used in video games. At the same time he believes that the system would be of great help to designers and engineers who need to operate different scale models in 3D.

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