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Latest Invention: System Allows Taking Virtual Tours Around the World in Body of Another Person


Having the goal of offering a much better sensory experience, experts at the Ikei Laboratory at the Tokyo Metropolitan University Graduate School of System Design decided to work on what they called "virtual body technology."

For the first time the concept of the invention was presented at the Digital Contents Expo 2012 that took place in Tokyo in October. According to the developers, the system makes use of all five senses in order to offer a virtual experience that makes the user feel as if they inhabit another person's body.

Besides using traditional audio and video footage, this system is able to reproduce smells. But the most impressive part is that the technology makes it possible for the user to feel of the wind and get the feeling as if they're stepping on the ground.

According to the developers the technology allows people the vividly experience traveling in another location or running 100 meters while being in the body of Usain Bolt.

The system is composed of a 3D monitor, headphones, a fan that generates wind and spreads aromas, a chair that not only leans back and forth, but also vibrates, and foot pedals. All of these components stimulate the 5 senses of the user sitting in the chair.

The goal of Ikei Laboratory is to offer seniors, for whom it's difficult to go outside, the possibility to experience traveling to other cities and countries.

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