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Latest Invention: Table that Plays Physical Notes Placed on It


If you like this invention you can vote for it here.Having the goal of making the process of learning music more fun, Jonas Heuer and Jurgen Graef decided to create this Noteput. Their latest invention combines three senses - hearing, touch and sight.

The Noteput includes a tabletop screen that shows a set of staves as soon as a physical tremble clef is put on it. After that the user can place several physical notes on the screen with the value of the note shown at the bottom of the display. When the user places the physical notes on the screen and pushes the play button, these notes start playing. Thus children can learn much more effectively the music theory, being provided both visual and audio cues.

During play the notes can be replaced, which would change the melody on the spot. The Noteput also offers the possibility to hear the sounds of different instruments, including piano, guitar, flute, vibraphone and e-piano.

The designers cut the notes out of thin wood plates. It is worth mentioning that the differentiation between the duration of a note was made using lead balls. Heavier notes sound longer while the lighter ones shorter.

To be visible by the camera incorporated in the table, the notes feature a unique marker on their back. The camera identifies the marker and can define the length of the respective note as well as its position on the staves.

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