Monday, 23 May, 2011 Technology

Latest Invention: Table that Uses Solar Energy to Charge Gadgets


The tech giant Panasonic has recently presented a prototype of its latest invention - a table that recharges different portable gadgets when these are simply placed on it.

The company's solar powered inductive charging table was unveiled at the Retail Tech Expo that took place in Tokyo.

It is worth mentioning that inductive charging makes use of the electromagnetic field to transmit energy between two objects. Besides, appliances that utilize this technology are not new for the market, with many of them being there for years.

However, the novelty that Panasonic brought with its latest technology lies in the fact that its solar-powered table allows direct connection with the gadget to be charged after being placed on the black charging panel.

The eco-friendly table can be placed in various locations, including coffee shops and fast food areas, thus allowing people not only to easily charge their devices but also contribute to the environment.

[via JapanTrends]

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