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Latest Invention: Tabletop 360 Degree 3D Screen from Sony


The technology giant Sony recently presented its latest invention - a tabletop 360 degree 3D display. The gadget will be presented at the Digital Content Expo 2009 that opened up in Tokyo on October 22nd and will take place until October 25th.

The company says that its latest invention allows watching the screen from virtually all directions and by several people at once without even using special glasses. The screen is 96 pixels wide and 128 pixels tall. It emits the 3D images using LEDs. The entire device is 13cm in diameter and is 27cm tall.

According to Sony, the tabletop could have a large number of applications besides being used as an event display. It could be used as a 3D digital photo frame, 3D videophone or even a 3D virtual pet. Doctors could use the company's latest invention as a 3D medical display. In addition, the device could be used as a 3D map as well. Currently the tabletop is in the research and development stage and Sony looks forward to explore many other opportunities of the device.

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Dimensions are on the increase!!!

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