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Latest Invention: Tape Dock Copies Data from Cassette Tapes to iPhone, iPod Touch, PC


In case you have a rich collection of music but it is stored on cassette tapes then you might like this invention. Owners of iPhones and iPods have now the opportunity to digitize their music with the help of ION's Tape Dock.

Cassette tapes do not last long, and if you want to preserve the data stored on them then it's about time you star digitizing your favorite songs.

The Tape Dock offers a very easy way to do this. Just connect your iPhone (or iPod touch) to the device and put a tape in the tray. Then all you have to do is use the accompanying application to copy the music to your iPhone in digital form.

If, however, you do not have an iPhone or iPod touch, you are free to use a USB cable (which comes with the Tape Dock) and simply copy data from your tapes to your Mac or PC.

It is worth mentioning that the device measures (length, width, thickness) 4.5 (114.3 mm) x 3.25 inches (82.55 mm) x 1.5 inches (38.1 mm). It is powered by two AA batteries or you can use the charger that comes with the Tape Dock.

The gadget is expected to reach the market in mid October.

[via GadgetReview]

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