Thursday, 16 Dec, 2010 Technology

Latest Invention: Technology that Generates Holographic Digital Maps


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Zebra Imaging has come up with a technology that makes it possible to show holographic digital maps. This means that on a two-dimensional surface the user will be able to observe a 3D representation of a certain area.

In order to generate a lifelike 3D holographic image, the company combined laser, optics and image processing technology.

The company obtains 3D digital data from various sources, including laser scans and satellite imagery. Then the Zebra Imaging generates a single portable, film-based hologram. The latter can jump out from the 2D surface with the help of a LED light source. The user can view a 3D image of static objects from any angle, without special glasses.

According to Zebra Imaging, the U.S. military required thousands of prints for visualization and defense planning. The company says that the list of its main production markets includes: mapping and surveying, engineering and construction, and architecture and design.

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