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Latest Invention: Textspresso - You Send a Text Message and It Makes You Coffee


Zipwhip is a firm based in Seattle that decided to show off its latest cloud texting platform in a rather unusual, but very original way.

The company has built a Textpresso machine that makes different types of coffee based on the order sent via a text message. In short: the person sitting at home or office sends a text to the machine in which they include the type of coffee they want to order.

After receiving the message, a robotic arm automatically grabs a mug from a warming plate and takes it to the espresso maker. The latter then pours the drink that was ordered and the arm takes the mug back to the tray where it waits until the owner picks it up.

Everything was developed and programmed in-house by the Seatle-based company. So far the machine can only accept such orders as "coffee," "latte," "espresso double".

The developers also decided to add an additional feature that will engage an edible ink printer that will print the company's logo right onto the coffee's top layer of cream. Besides, the printer will print the phone number of the person who ordered the drink.

But regrettably, Zipwhip has created its machine only to demo its cloud texting platform, which makes it possible for users to send/receive text messages to/from computers and Android devices.

Due to the fact that the company received a lot of requests to unveil how it built the machine, Zipwhip decided to publicly launch the designs for the machine. So far, no concrete date was given.

[via Geekwire]

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