Tuesday, 17 Jan, 2012 Technology

Latest Invention: Touchscreen Kiosk that Offers Cash for Discarded Gadgets


Getting rid of old electronics has been one of the increasing environmental problems. With this in mind the California-based firm called ecoATM has developed the world's first touchscreen kiosk that accepts discarded electronics, including phones, digital music players, and exchanges them for cash.

The first step involves analyzing the device you want to recycle. Then the machine asks you to plug your device in so the kiosk could identify the working condition of the gadget.

As soon as all the assessments are made, the kiosk offers the price for the device. You can either accept or decline the price. If you accept it then you have the possibility to either take the cash instantly or handle the money to one of the charities that appear on the touchcsreen.

At the moment such machines can only be seen in California, Seattle and the Midwest. Check out the touchscreen kiosk in the video below.

[via ecoATM]

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