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Latest Invention: Touchscreen that Boasts Unlimited Finger Tracking Capability


Most of the devices that feature touchscreen technology and claim to support multi-touch are limited to the use of just two fingers. Cypress Semiconductor decided to solve the problem and came up with one of the most useful inventions for touchscreen devices - a tablet-sized capacitive touchscreen that boasts unlimited finger tracking capabilities.

The device allows the user to manipulate several images at a time thanks to the TrueTouch technology. With the development of tablet PCs, such technology can become one of the most used, says Cypress spokesperson Dhwani Vyas.

According to Mr. Vyas, the company's capacitive touchscreen is the most useful invention in the field, as it is the first to provide multi-touch all-point tracking of unlimited fingers for handheld devices. He added that the TrueTouch technology could be used in 7-17 inch touchscreens.

"The inclusion of multi-touch support in the Windows 7 operating system has opened up the large laptop, netbook and tablet PC market to touchscreen interfaces," says Vyas.

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