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Latest Invention: Toy Stunt Car Controlled Using a Laser Pointer


Thinkway Toys, a famous toy company with headquarters in Ontario, Canada, has recently introduced a bran new product - a toy car that can be remotely controlled with the help of a laser pointer.

Just point wherever you want and the car will follow the mark left by the laser. In addition, when the car is activated, its wheels light up, which makes it even more attractive for kids.

One more interesting thing about this toy is that it is two sided, which means that it will keep going even if it turns upside down.

The controller can also be used to monitor and alter the speed of the car, which also boasts turbo mode. Everything is performed via infrared by making use of a trigger on the controller.

The user can also control the turns of the car - using left- and right-turn buttons these can be wider or sharper. Besides, according to the manufacturer, it is possible to set the system to a second channel that allows two players to race against each other.

The maximum range at which the controller works is 40 feet (12 meters). The toy set comes with a Lazer Stunt Chaser car with built-in rechargeable battery, wireless R/C, stunt ramp, battery charger and instruction guide.

It is also worth mentioning that the charger requires a total of 8 AA batteries. The company also offers extra kits that one can use to make their car perform loop-the-loops, jump through a ring and more.

Watch the video below to see the toy car in action.

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