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Latest Invention: Tread-Walk - Mobility Device for the Elderly and Disabled


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Displayed at the Good Design Expo 2010, which recently closed in Japan at Tokyo Big Sight, the Tread-Walk is a device that can be easily managed by the movement of the handle.

The Tread-Walk is able to dodge obstacles and avoid collisions. It was developed for the elderly and disabled, to fulfill their personal mobility needs.

It is worth mentioning that this latest invention represents an amplified walking system from Waseda University Tokyo, Japan.

Due to the self-driven treadmill, the user can walk naturally on it. It detects the walking speed of the person and increases it about 1.5-3 times as the driving velocity, thus expanding the activity area, informs GizmoWatch.

In addition, the Tread-Walk also improves physical ability in the walking movement. It represents a great tool for rehabilitation and exercise. Check out the video of the device after the jump.

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