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Latest Invention: Tricycle that Uses Water to Squirt Out Chinese Calligraphy On the Road


Inspired by Chinese water calligraphy that he managed to see upon visiting Beijing, China, Nicholas Hanna, an artist from Canada, came up with the idea of creating a cargo tricycle that produces the same calligraphy.

It is worth mentioning that the Chinese water calligraphy represents a form of art that involves the use of a large brush to paint Chinese words on the road. After noticing people engaged in this form of art, creating calligraphy in the parks of China's capital, Hanna invented a dot matrix water release system that is entirely controlled by a computer.

The device was installed on a tricycle so it would spray out passages from different Chinese poems on the road while Hanna rides.

It is worth mentioning that tricycles are ubiquitous in China, especially in Beijing, which brings the artist's invention even closer to Chinese culture.

There are two big plastic water jugs installed in the cargo bed found in the back of the trike. Using a sophisticated arrangement of hoses, the artist connected the jugs to a series of 16 solenoid valves located just a little above the road surface.

To start spraying, Hanna first introduces Chinese calligraphy into a computer installed on the trike's handlebar and the computer system, paired with the dot matrix, does the rest.

During the Beijing Design Week, the artist pedaled his vehicle around Beijing's Dashilar district. Watch the tricycle in action in the video below.

[via Designboom]

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