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Latest Invention: True 3D Laser Display Unveiled by Japanese Engineers


A team of engineers at a Japanese company called Burton Inc. has recently unveiled a "True 3D" display, which is the result of a five-year work initiated by researchers from Keio University and Japan's national institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST).

Although today we can witness a lot of so-called 3D display on the market, they all make use of a technology that tricks human brain into thinking that the person is watching 3D content. The latest invention, however, does not provide an optical illusion but can naturally show 3D content in the air on under water without any screen.

"This system can create about 50,000 dots per second, and its frame rate is currently about 10-15 fps. But we're working to improve the frame rate to 24-30 fps," explained Hayato Watanabe, one of the engineers at Burton.

In the video show below you can see a green laser shining up from under the tank of water. However, in order to create 3D images in the air, more powerful lasers are required. The combination of r red, green and blue lasers, allowed the Burton engineers to create color images.

"Because this system makes 3D objects look natural, it could be used for analyzing 3D objects, and if its precision can be improved, it could be used in health care, too," mentioned Watanabe.

[via DigiInfo]

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