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Latest Invention: Tsunami Generator That Could Help Design Disaster-Proof Structures


If you like this invention you can vote for it. Devastating tsunamis cause huge destructions, leaving a lot of people homeless. Different researchers started thinking about structures that would be able resist the destructive force of tsunamis.

A group of scientists from the University College London's Earthquake and People Interaction Centre (EPICentre) teamed up with consulting engineers at HR Wallingford One to come up with an invention that could explain how tsunamis work and in future help build disaster-proof buildings. Their latest invention is a wave-generating machine that is able to reproduce the activity of tsunamis.

Besides helping construct buildings that could resist tsunamis, the new machine will also allow develop better evacuation techniques.

Using the 148-foot-long wave channel, researchers were able to mimic the behavior of the first wave of the Boxing Day tsunami that was witnessed by the people of Thailand in 2004.

Although there are other wave simulators, most of them make use of piston-based system, but the new type of tsunami generator for the first time uses air-driven system in which fans along with control valves absorb water in the tank and then release it. Such system allows the machine to produce various tsunami conditions, like the draw-down phenomenon (when the sea is sucks out and then rushes back to the shoreline). Researchers hope their latest invention will be available in countries worldwide.

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